Friday, 27 September 2019

Some Readings for the Parish Novena

From a map of the British Isles 
drawn by the young Theresa

Read more about the Month of Mission here.

Explore the lives of St Theresa, her parents and her sisters as recounted and illustrated in the website of the Carmel of Lisieux here (note: there are English versions of the 'pilgrim visit' and the archives). The lives of the family members are here. Entering the term 'Irlande' in the search box mainly yields references to '[gu]irlande' (i.e. 'garland'!). But there is one very nice link to a map the young Theresa drew of the British Isles, no doubt for a school exercise -- it's on the reverse side of the page to a map of Africa. Note the position of Dublin! What other places does she record? See original map here.                                  

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Toss Taaffe Passes the Finishing Post

Mr What in Rathcoole after his Grand National Win in 1958
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The newsletter this week (see menu bar above) records the passing of three parishioners, to the families of each of whom we express here our sincere condolences. One of the deceased is Toss (Thomas) Taaffe, a household name in the 1950s, along with his brother jockey Pat. Their father, Tom, trained horses, as does Tom's namesake and grandson (son of Pat) today.

Tom trained the winner of the 1958 Grand National at Aintree, Mr What (photoed above), a rank outsider. His two sons were booked for the other two horses that he had running, so he had to look around for a jockey for Mr What. And so it happened that the English rider Arthur Freeman saddled the winner for his Irish trainer. You will find all the details, plus Pathé newsreel, here.  Click here for Toss's obituary.

He is being buried today in Saggart graveyard, the race of his life well ended, we pray.