Saturday, 19 December 2015

Christmas Mass Times

Background of Crib in St Finian's Church, Newcastle Lyons
See Newsletter for the 20th (right sidebar) giving (p.2) the times of Mass on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day as well as times for reception of the Sacrament of Reconciliation over the Christmas period.

Click  here  to read a letter to all parishioners from our Parish Priest, Fr Enda. (Use the zoom button top left of the screen to read the letter more comfortably.)

I'm sure you can all fix the first word for me in the nice scene shown above. Unfortunately, the width of the text scroll doesn't coincide with that of the painting, resulting in the omission of the first letter. What is it? You're right. Well done on your Latin!

Saggart Carol Service    Here are some photos of the carol service of Sunday 13th taken by Liam Roche.  (Click on the link. The controls are at the bottom left of the screen.)  Below is one of the photos, that of Sean O'Rourke, about to retire as Parish Pastoral Worker. We thank him for his great work among us over the past three years, carried out in a friendly, enthusiastic spirit that made him popular with parishioners both young and not-so-young.

Sean O'Rourke with his wife Darina and Fr Aidan

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The Man on the Wall

The life story of Andrew Hart (1785-1815) was told at Mass on Sunday 22nd November as a way of marking the bicentenary of his death on 20 November 1815.  Since that day was a 'Do This in Memory' Sunday, the story had to be pitched to suit the young children in the congregation. But they were all very interested to hear the story of the 'Man on the Wall', as were also -- so the person who told the story, Donal McMahon, earnestly hoped --  the adult members of the congregation.

The effigy of Fr Hart is one of the most striking features of our parish church. Appreciating it better will no doubt increase our appreciation of all its other features and make us take a greater interest in their proper maintenance. After all the fine work done on the exterior, maybe Fr Hart will be able to turn his head round one day to admire the redecorated interior!  At least, as the children were told, he will do so invisibly, the way he will admire and encourage them next May when they make their First Communion.