Saturday, 19 October 2013

                    Visiting Historic Sites in Newcastle
                              Sunday October 20th

The following sites will be open from 2 to 4 pm as part of the celebrations to mark the bicentenary of St Finian's. Starting from St Finian's, it is possible to visit some or all of the sites out as far as the furthest, Colmanstown Cemetery, to which a lift can be provided. A person from the Bicentenary Book Committee will provide a commentary at each site.

St Finian’s Catholic Church
1825 National School
St Finian’s Church of Ireland
St Finian’s Well
Site of Penal Mass House in Athgoe
Athgoe Castle
Colmanstown Cemetery

Parking is available at Woodlands Health Centre (Newcastle House) for St Finian’s Well. Parking along the avenue to Athgoe Castle, and parking in Nolan’s farmyard for Colmanstown Cemetery. There is limited parking in the Highdowhill  cul-de-sac for the site of the Mass house.