Saturday, 9 April 2016

Final 'Do This in Memory' Mass and other news items

This weekend sees the final 'Do This in Memory' Mass for the children (with their families) preparing for First Holy Communion next month. We wish them well as they start the countdown to the big day. Read about this and other matters in the Newsletter to be found as usual in the sidebar to the right. Something else well worth reading is the extract from Pope Francis's long awaited document on 'Marriage and the Family', the subject discussed at the Roman synods of 2014 and 2015. It is called 'The Joy of Love' ('Amoris Laetitia').

The Parish Pastoral Councils of Saggart/Rathcoole/Brittas and Newcastle Lyons continue to do their good work. The next meeting of Saggart PPC is next Tuesday 12th, 8 p.m. in the meeting room of the parochial house. If you would like to have something discussed at this meeting, please mention it to any member of the council or one of the priests. The councillors' names and photos are displayed in the church porch.

And while on the subject of suggestions/feedback, remember you are always welcome to comment too on this website itself. Work goes on regularly and quietly like this in so many ways that we tend to take for granted -- councillors meeting, J4 editor editing, website manager 'posting', church collectors collecting, altar-flower people decorating, choir singing, organist wonderfully playing . . .  all people who work away behind the scenes without looking for any merit but who surely deserve a little thank-you now and then from us, their grateful beneficiaries.  (I agree, the choir and organist are exceptions to the rule, receiving a round of applause every Sunday!)

So here from me (The-Man-on-the-Wall Man  -- remember Andrew Hart?) is a Thank You to all those looking after this year's First Communicants-to-be. I see you at Mass and you are an inspiration to us all. You illustrate what the Pope is talking about, the joy of family love.