Thursday, 30 January 2014

                Newsletter  26.1.2014

Note the date for this year's Cemetery Sunday Masses: Sunday 29th June.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

               Newsletter  12.1.2014

Bishop Eamonn Walsh presided at Sunday Mass in St Finian's on the 12th, a Mass marking the end of the bicentenary year.  Though the great year is over, the fine book published in December (terrific value at 10 Euro) will serve as a lasting record of that year. None of us older parishioners will experience such an occasion again in our lifetimes, but our younger parishioners will certainly (D.V. of course) be there in 2049 for the bicentenary of St Mary's. And we have a lasting reminder already in St Mary's of St Finian's bicentenary, since that man on the wall, in white marble, on the right as you face the altar, is the priest who was responsible for the building of St Finian's, Fr Andrew Hart (1785-1815). The bicentenary book  has an interesting chapter on him.