Monday, January 25, 2010


Catholic Schools Week January 31 - February 6th

Education is, to a very significant extent, the way in which the various overlapping communities to which we belong as human beings - the family first of all - initiate us into the richness of a shared life and heritage. Education can never be reduced to becoming simply a good citizen, or a productive contributor to the wealth of society. Whiles these form part of the process, education is always about more than any of them as it is concerned with the whole person. Irish Bishops' Conference, Vision 08.

Primary Level
Holy Family National School
Principal: Martin Hoban
Tel: 01 4580570

Scoil Chronain, Rathcoole
Priomhoide: Siobhan Mhic Gearailt
Guthan: 01 458 8889

St. Martin's National School, Brittas.
Principal: Cormac O'Farrell
Tel: 01 4582311

St. Mary's National School, Saggart.
Principal: Maria Nowlan
Tel: 01 4580922

Secondary Level
Holy Family Community School
Kilteel Rd., Rathcoole, Co. Dublin.
Principal: Brenda Kelly
Tel: 01 4580766
Tel: 01 4580031

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