Sunday, February 7, 2010

Welcome to Our Readers/Visitors

Dear Parishioners,

This morning's Newsletter announced the publication of this site. This is a new departure which, we hope, will stimulate interest in the local parish community, its affairs, history, churches etc. You are very welcome to contribute to this joint venture by way of comments and suggestions. Fr Michael and I, Donal McMahon, have taken this on for the moment.  It's important that this site not be just a notice-board, though it is that too.  We'll be thinking of ways to develop it as we go along, with input from you.



  1. Dear Sirs,
    Recently my wife and I visited your parish church at Saggart for Sunday Mass. What a beautiful church and rich community you have. Blessings upon you all for Seamus's ordination. My wife's ancesters came form Rathcoole > Murphy's and we had the wonderful reunion and opportunity to visit Anne Murphy. I would dearly love to obtain a book called 'A history of Saggart and Rathcoole Parishes’ by Maeve Mulryan Moloney'
    If anyone has a copy I would love to communicate with them. I am hoping to produce DVD about our visit to Rathcoole. Blest wishes, Anne and Stephen Kamm UK

  2. Thank you very much indeed, Anne and Stephen, for your kind and encouraging remarks. Maeve Moloney told me herself about three years ago when I went looking for a copy of her book that it was out of print. All I can do is keep an eye out for it for you. Try and sites like that.
    Every parish has its own history and its own unique character, isn't that right? So in return we ask God to bless you and all the parishioners in your own lovely parish church in England. Donal, Web Sec