Saturday, April 3, 2010

From the Newsletter: April 4th 2010

Our thanks go to all who participated and helped in organising our Easter Ceremonies.

Risk is usually associated with live-threatening stunts or gambling on the stock market. Risk-takers act in absurdly dangerous ways. Their economic future or life itself can be on the line. So, a bit of safety tempers risk. The prudent person can hedge a risk. The wise person mixes safety with risk, chance with certitude.
Yet, many risks cannot be tempered. Some events in life can take us beyond a point of no return. The choice between safety and risk are clear. The risk to reputation, place in society, and life itself cannot be denied.Faith in the resurrection was one of those risks for early Christians. People gossiped about and plotted against those who held Jesus rose from the dead. The idea was so absurd and laughable, non-Christians thought, that those who believed should be ridiculed and shunned. Even persecuted. But that did not stop the faithful from spreading a message that shocked the world.

17th April: A Date to Remember
The Dublin Gospel Choir will be celebrating in song at Saggart Church
in aid of Church Funds
and St. Mary’s GAA club
It will be a night to remember!

Dublin Catholics give generously to Haiti Collection
Funds raised for Haiti at Masses in Dublin last month have already been distributed and are helping with the relief and rebuilding effort. Mass goers gave over €1.3 million euro to help Haiti in a special collection in the Archdiocese of Dublin.

Recruitment of Parish Pastoral Workers:
The Archdiocese of Dublin is currently recruiting for Parish Pastoral Workers to work in the Diocese.For full details, brochure & application form see the diocesan website

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