Saturday, February 2, 2013


                 MDCCCXIII  -  MMXIII

                             1813  -  2013                        

       Bicentenary of St Finian's, Newcastle

      and  25th of Holy Family, Rathcoole


Fr Andrew Hart

This is a big year for two of the churches in our United Parishes.

The figure on the left is well known to all who attend St Mary's, and we will come to a renewed appreciation of him this year. Fr Andrew Hart was appointed in 1812 Parish Priest in what was then called The United Parishes of Saggart, Rathcoole and Newcastle (a nice title, is it not?). He it was who laid the foundation stone for St Finian's in July 1813. Unfortunately, he probably didn't live to see the church completed, since he died at the very early age of 30 in 1815. So all eyes will be on St Finian's this year, and we in St Mary's will feel part of it too, thanks to this lovely monument to Fr Hart.

Meanwhile, the good people of Rathcoole will be celebrating the silver anniversary of their lovely modern church. Two big local events, then, well timed for this Year of Faith.

The second photo is of the front of St Finian's, showing the date in Roman numerals and the dedication (in Latin) to St Finian. Click on the photo to see the MDCCCXIII more clearly.
Above the Entrance to St Finian's

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