Thursday, March 20, 2014

                       Newsletter 16 March 2014

As usual, I would urge you to read the newsletter and pick out what you consider relevant. Just a little plug for a book that will be on sale next Sunday in St Mary's (E10 softback, E20 hardback), i.e. the bicentenary book on St Finian's, Newcastle. It's a  truly splendid production and is very good value. An earlier volume published in 1986 and now fast becoming a collector's item will also be on sale: Newcastle Lyons: A Parish of the Pale.

There is an article in the bicentenary book on Fr Andrew Hart P.P. (1785-1815) of the 'United Parishes of Saggart, Rathcoole and Newcastle', as they were known at the time. We all know him from seeing him on the right-hand wall of St Mary's but, in fact, we know next to nothing about his life -- the Latin of the inscription not exactly helping matters, of course. What's more, we are not really aware that he himself actually lies buried beneath the life-sized effigy. Now for the first time, he comes to life in an original, well researched article. Every church is special and has its own unique features. Fr Hart's imposing effigy is without doubt among the most striking features of St Mary's.

A book token for 20E will be offered to the first person writing a review of the bicentenary book, to be published here.  It must be signed, c.250  words in length, and should be emailed to before the end of March. Book-committee members or contributors, as well as members of the clergy (sorry!) are excluded from entering. Is there an ordinary, 'general' reader out there, I wonder? 

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