Monday, April 14, 2014

William Blake, Angels Rolling Away the Stone from the Sepulchre; Bible Art: Resurrection
William Blake, The Resurrection (c.1808)
Angel Rolling Away the Stone from the Sepulchre
                Regina cæli, lætare                     Alleluia.
                Quia quem meruisti portare         Alleluia.
                Resurrexit, sicut dixit.                  Alleluia.
                Ora pro nobis Deum.                   Alleluia
                Queen of heaven, rejoice            Alleluia.
For He whom thou wast worthy to bear      Alleluia 
                 Has risen, as he promised.        Alleluia            
                 Pray for us to God.                     Alleluia.

Newsletter for 6th April.  The Newsletter for the 13th gives the times of the ceremonies for Holy Week.

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