Saturday, December 13, 2014

  St Mary's Renovation Under Way

As announced in the newsletter of 9th November, work on the renovation began last month and is continuing apace as can be seen. Truly a historic time!  Thanks to the opening of the new St Mary's school next door and the consequent freeing up of the space behind the church previously occupied by the old school's temporary buildings, we now have a fine spacious car park, so badly needed. The whole landscape is indeed changing before our eyes. Last year marked historic anniversaries for the churches in Newcastle and Rathcoole, a bicentenary and a 25th respectively. The launch of the bicentenary book round this time last year crowned what was a momentous year for St Finian's. (By the way, copies can still be bought from Bridget Breen.) This year and next, we hope and pray, will see St Mary's lose its faded look and, all the scaffolding and sheeting finally removed, shine like never before in all its regained neo-Gothic splendour!

Tomorrow night there will be a Carol Service in St Mary's, starting at 7.30 p.m. and next Tuesday 16th, there will be a Festive Night in St Finian's NS, starting at 6.30 p.m. Please see the newsletters for more news: 14.12.14,
7.12.14,    30.11.14,    23.11.14                       

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