Monday, September 19, 2016

Farewell, Fr Enda. Welcome, Fr John

Fr Enda, Parish Priest since 2008, has been appointed to the parish of St Andrew's, Westland Row. There will be a farewell reception in his honour on Thursday, 6th October, in St Mary's GAA Club, Saggart, at 8 pm. Tribute will be paid to him then for all his good work among us. All parishioners are welcome to attend.

Fr John Gilligan, Parish Administrator, St Andrew's, Westland Row, since 2007 (see here) has been appointed Moderator to our two parishes. He will be given a public welcome at the reception above mentioned in St Mary's GAA Club.

For an explanation of the term 'Moderator', see par. 4 of Dublin's Priest Appointments 2008, the same document that announces the appointment of Fr Enda to Saggart (here).

The work of each team [i.e. Team Ministry in a 'Pastoral Area' made up of a group of parishes] will be coordinated by a priest Moderator.  His role will be one of primus inter pares [i.e. first among equalsl], since each of the Team Members has an equal responsibility within the entire pastoral area. Each of the priest members of the team will celebrate Mass in each of the parish Churches and is bound to fulfill the duties and obligations of a Parish Priest referred to in cc. 528-530, 543. In addition, each Priest is also responsible to the Archbishop and to the faithful of the Parishes.    

For more information see the Newsletters for the 11th and 18th September. In the latter there is a very important notice from the Parish Pastoral Council entitled  'Potential Sale of Old School Building, Saggart'.

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