Saturday, May 13, 2017

Read the Newsletter. Lots Happening!

The Newsletters for the 7th and the 14th have many interesting 'stories'. (To read them, click on 'Parish Newsletter' in the side-bar opposite and click again on the date in the grid.)

1.  First Holy Communion and Confirmation

Young people are taking important steps in their religious lives during this month. Please see dates in the newsletters.  If anyone would like a photo put up on this site, please send it to The photo should be of a group, as family photos would be too numerous to cater for. (PS 23.5 That last statement should now read:  any photo is welcome, family or group!)

2.  Timetable for Cemetery Masses

The times of the annual Cemetery Masses are given in the newsletter.

3.  Parish Finances

Page 2 of the Newsletter for 7th May gives a very important overview by the newly established Finance Committee of parish finances for Newcastle and for Saggart/Rathcoole/Brittas, each parish being audited separately.  In the case of Saggart, there is a report on the present state of the parish's finances relating to St Mary's renovation.  We are talking in mind-boggling seven- and six-figure terms here (e.g.  one million euro as the cost of renovation, defrayed by a grant of €680,000 from diocesan funds). This is the first update to appear since the fund-raising campaign Living the Joy of the Gospel of May 2015.

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