Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dear Parishioners,

I would like to highlight here the first contribution to this site by someone other than Michael and myself. It was a comment by LK under the sidebar heading (the list on the right of this home-page), 'Our Churches'.

'Love the new blog, great to have all the parish news at our fingertips. Well done to everyone involved. LK.'

My reply:

'Thanks very much, LK, for your comment. You have the honour of being the first parishioner to 'post' on our site. It's great to know that people are benefiting from this venture. It's off the ground, indeed, but the next very important stage is that it gain some altitude! I'm thinking of ways to achieve that and will share them with you soon. It's important that people get involved with this project and contribute to it, as you have done in a small but, still, ground-breaking way!'

The various headings on the 'sidebar' need to be developed and I'm sure there are parishioners who would like to take responsibility for doing that. For instance, historians might like to develop the 'Parish History' section, or people in the schools the 'Education' section. The 'Parish Council' section will obviously be kept going by someone from that body, keeping parishioners informed of its business. So there is room for contributions from, how shall we say, 'special correspondents' in these various areas, liaising with the various groups in question and feeding into this site to make it an active one.

Have a good week.

Donal (McMahon), Parish Web Sec.

P.S. Sorry about the blank blue space on the right. I'll have to call in my technical expert tomorrow (formerly a parishioner of Rathcoole, now in Blessington). Anyone else with technical expertise that's willing to help out here will be very welcome.

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