Friday, March 5, 2010

From the Newsletter: 7th March

Have you ever questioned the goodness of God in the face of evil? Have you ever been tempted to blame others for their misfortunes, whether they deserve the blame or not? This questions are at the heart of the religious dilemma. Why does evil exist, God? Why don’t you do something about evil? Jesus answered those questions with other question. How long will we wait before we turn to God in hope, despite the evil that surrounds us? (from

Parish Pastoral Council
The next meeting of the Parish Pastoral Council will take place next Tuesday on 9th March. All members are invited to attend. If any parishioners have concerns or suggestions, please pass them on to one of the members.

Is there more to Life than this?
Explore the meaning of life from a Christian perspective.
Every Thursday from 7.30-8.30pm Rathcoole Church. The format is simple: a short film, small group discussion, cup of tea. Alpha is a relaxed, low-key, friendly, enjoyable. So come along and explore the bigger picture

The Envelope Collection
New envelopes for the coming year are available at the back of the church. Please take your own or if your household does not have one, please take a free one. This collection supports the Parish—your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Holy Family National School is Going to the Dogs
Fancy a Flutter?
Then let’s go Greyhound Racing!!
Harold’s Cross Greyhound Stadium
Friday 12th March 2010

Adults €15 (Admission & Meal) €5 (Bus)
Kids €3 (Admission & Meal) €3 (Bus)
Bus leaves Poitin Stil/Jacobs 6:30pm sharp!!

Tickets available from the school 01-4580 570

Third Sunday of Lent
Trócaire Lenten Prayers of Intercession
O Christ you are the Word of GodWe pray for the Church gathered today: that we may be open and fearless in proclaiming your Gospel to a hungry and waiting world. A Thiarna, éist linn.

That Rock was Christ. We pray for all those who are suffering and who are feeling lost; that they may receive the gift of courage to trust in God’s steadfastness. A Thiarna, éist linn.

For further information on the wonderful work of Trocaire - please visit

Parish Pilgrimage to Lourdes (26th June—1st July)
This is the last call to all those thinking of joining us on Pilgrimage. A 200e non-refundable deposit is required before the end of the month. It may be left into the Parish Office or the Sacristies. It is always a wonderful event, full of healing, fun and the presence of God. Full details are on the notice board. Forms are available in the Sacristies of the Churches and the Parish Office.

Dublin Diocesan Young Adult Pilgrimage to Taize
The Office of Evangelisation have announced details of the Dublin Diocesan Young Adult Pilgrimage to Taize from 11th - 18th July 2010. Young adults are invited to join over two thousand other young Christians from around the world who come to this ecumenical monastery in Burgundy, France every week during the summer to experience the prayer and fellowship of the community founded by Brother Roger. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin will be taking part. Cost of return flight and coach transfers, meals and basic accommodation for the week is e440 (incl. taxes and insurance).
For further information contact: Ewelina at the Office of Evangilisation, or at 018087538
Or Fr Damian McNeice, 018087553,
International Day of Prayer 2010
Thank you to everyone who participated in and helped lead the prayers for the International Day of Prayer last Friday. In the words of the women of the Cameroon who wrote the prayers, “let everything that breathes praise God”.

Emmanuel 2010
Come to the Helix on either 24 or 25 March 2010 at 8.00 p.m. when over the two days 1200 second level students from around the Diocese will sing a programme of liturgical music accompanied by an orchestra. A project of the Diocesan Music Commission. See notice board for further details

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